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    • Rehearsing for the Cathedral gig

      Productive rehearsals last night with some new songs being introduced to the set. We are getting ready for a gig in Portsmouth Cathedral in a couple of weeks time where, all being well, we should have a rare opportunity to

    • New web site – new tracks

      Welcome to the new web site for the Explorers. The site has just gone live and we will continue to update the material here over the coming weeks… We have added a few tracks to give you a flavour of

    • RMA Tavern – Big Weekend

      Thanks to those who came along to the big weekend in aid of Cancer charities.. Special thanks to Nick & Denise Courtney who spent all weekend making sure it all ran smoothly.  They raised over £2000 so well done.. And

    • New Songs

      The band are working hard on a selection of new songs for our upcoming gigs… News is that Jon has his cello armed and ready (and he is prepared to use it)

    • Andy Matheson

      Currently recording a new EP. There are three or four original songs and some favourite cover songs of mine. So we have a track by Wilco, Lucinda Williams and Ryan Adams being added to the originals. I have to say

    • Studio Tracks

      We are currently recording a few of the Explorers live tracks and will be uploading them soon. Watch this space…

    • Rehearsal

      We have been rehearsing some new songs for our live set. We tried a few out and several new songs made the cut. So soon to arrive in an Explorers set near you we have new versions of: Come Together