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Excerpt from Black Horse & A Cherry Tree
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Excerpt from Black Horse & A Cherry Tree

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The Book of the Music

Live work with The Explorers has taken a back seat for a couple of months while Serena gets used to sleepless nights and motherhood…Good luck with that Serena! In the meantime Andy has completed a novel that is based around

  • Essays In Love our new album is out now!

  • Album News

    The new album is coming along nicely. We are delighted to have the talents of Nick D Virgilio on drums who recorded the drum tracks in Sweetwater Studios in the USA. A great drum sound and some lovely grooves. Spent

  • Shining Light – The Christmas Tree Song

    Well we have achieved something special and have recorded a Christmas song. The band got into a festive mood, sprinkled some fairy dust and here it is.. Not an alternative to a Christmas card but we hope you like it..

  • New Album Progressing

    Pleased to report that a new album is now progressing nicely. The album title is ‘Essays In Love’ named after the book by Alain De Botton. Most of the songs are in demo format so far. Looking to get some

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