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    Shining Light – The Christmas Tree Song

    Well we have achieved something special and have recorded a Christmas song.
    The band got into a festive mood, sprinkled some fairy dust and here it is..
    Not an alternative to a Christmas card but we hope you like it..
    Here is a link to the Soundcloud site where you can listen to it and download it for free..
    It will go onto iTunes and Amazon and the download sites as well shortly…

    Here are the lyrics and the song credits…
    We hope it brings a smile at this festive time of year…

    Shining light – The Christmas Tree Song
    Recorded by The Explorers
    Written by Andy Matheson


    Give me a smile at Christmas
    Show me how much you care
    Give me love this Christmas
    Send me some dreams to share
    Give me hope this Christmas
    And make it plain to see
    By sending out a shining light with every Christmas Tree

    Verse 1

    The streets once sad and lonely
    Shine a light on me
    And everywhere a thousand stars
    Are shining back at me
    You can feel despondent,
    You can feel afraid
    But let the Christmas Spirit shine upon
    The troubles you have made

    Verse 2

    People may be weary.
    Have forgotten how to pray
    Wrapped up in their small town lives
    They learn to look away
    But carols singers sing out loud
    Goodwill to those in fear
    Icy hearts will melt away
    And bring some Christmas cheer

    A song recorded by the Explorers in December 2015
    Written & produced by Andy Matheson
    Alan Robertson – Electric guitar
    Andy Matheson – Acoustic guitar and Keyboards
    Jon Foyle – Bass
    Lead vocals & tambourine – Serena Spells
    Backing vocals – Kim Summers & Leita Sanger
    Engineered by Joe Lewis-Brown
    Recorded at Aubitt Studios, Southampton

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    Dec 3
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