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    The Explorers are a band with an amazing pedigree. All the members are experienced musicians and have a track record of playing successful gigs with many different bands.

    The Explorers are all about fun and the joy of the music. Everyone is in this band because they love what they do and the spirit and sense of comradeship being in a band brings.

    They choose to play songs that are interesting or challenging or fun. The sound is joyous. Their set contains original songs as well as a selection of covers. If we are playing a private function we tend to increase the number of cover songs

    In 2017 The Explorers release their debut new album. The songs contain hints of Folk, Country, Blues and shades of Fleetwood Mac. The songs have a theme and together tell a timeless story of love, jealousy and redemption.


    Andy Matheson Andy

    Songwriter, keyboards, guitar & vocals.

    Alan Alan

    Guitar & vocals

    Jon Jon

    Cello, bass & vocals

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    The Explorers may be joined by special guest performers from time to time.

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